Cinemarché - a new type of film event - launched in Scarborough
Cinemarché launched on June 2nd in Scarborough at the Merchant.

Organised by by John Oxley, Kane Cunningham and Paul Elsam, Cinemarché is an intiative which will encourage people - artists, musicians, skateboarders, budding Tarrantinos or Bigelows, anyone really - who make film and video to come along and show their work on smartphones or laptops. It's about getting fim makers to see, hear and feel the reactions of an audience rather than read remote comments on Youtube or Vimeo. Its about people sharing, talking and getting excited about film over a beer or a coffee.

We want people to come and share ideas, take part in the dialogue between film makers and the audience, and to encourage real social networking between people in the real world.

The 2011 edition of Cinemarché will culminate in a distinctly diferent film "festival" in a distinctly different location in downtown Scarborough in October 2011.